LGSS is able to deliver professional and reliable security services tailor-made for your safety and security. We assure you of our very best services and attention at all times.


Interloper and fire alarm systems scrutinization to ensure everything functions accurately

Alarm Response

Expertly-trained officers are stationed in the control centers and proactively monitor for any prospective security threats

Fire Security Solutions

We guarantee constant comprehensive training for all our maintenance team to effectively diminish downtime

Premium security services trusted by millions

We have highly trained staff available that implement security measures around any Retail, Commercial or Industrial Site. 

Lusail Guarding Security Services is a registered security provider that is fully compliant with the labor and security legislations. LGSS is able to deliver professional and reliable security services tailor-made for your safety and security. LGSS is situated in Doha and is only a phone call away, We assure you of our very best services and attention at all times.

Hadi Al-Marri, the owner of Lusail Guarding Security Services, has built a renowned experience in project management by establishing a number of successful businesses locally as well as regionally. The combined experiences of the owner and the management team calculate to a number of years, this will reinforce the company’s position as a security provider of manned guarding and surveillance systems in the market.

Quality Policy

Lusail Guarding Security Service's quality policy is to obtain continuous, lucrative progression and growth through fulfilling the needs of our clients.

Policy Statement

In Lusail Guarding Security Services, we intend to deliver Optimum-Quality Manned Guarding and Top-Notch Security Solutions with Incomparable Customer Service.

We Offer Fast, Professional, And Exceptional Services


Our office timing is from 7 AM to 5 PM

Innovative Security Agency For Everyday Needs

Why you should hire security service

The peace of mind that comes with security services is immediate and lasting. There is no substitute for physical and emotional assurance that you are protected – whether that is you individually, family, assets, or your business and its employees. Security officers deliver a sense of protection by providing a critical skill set in tense and threatening situations. Here are Taurus Protection, Inc.’s “Top 10 Reasons” to hire security services. You’ll want to hire a security officer to:

Prevent crimes

Security officers offer a physical visual deterrent from crime. The presence of even one officer will dramatically reduce the rates of crime and prevent the likelihood of an assailant inflicting harm. When security personnel catch someone causing trouble on your property, they can intercept and stop the perpetrator immediately.

Add a sense of heightened awareness

Security officers offer an extra pair of eyes and ears at all times. Their presence is purposeful and distinct in providing immediate action in a multitude of possible scenarios, from de-escalating a situation to deterring hostility. Security cultivates situational awareness and maintains balance. Without security, individuals often become complacent and miss unusual behavior of civilians, employees and others around them. Awareness is an ongoing activity, and people want to do the right thing, so security guides a positive and proactive culture.

Improve customer service

In many ways, a security officer job and customer service go hand in hand. When it comes to protecting property or a person, it is always about the customer. It is their job to keep customers safe, and in doing so you often find yourself chatting with customers to ask how they are and how you can help them. The better you listen to customers, the more successful you are at serving those around you. As a result, security often builds a report with clients, greeting customers and serving as their first impression of the business. While the primary duty and service of security is to protect, officers often act as a point of reference or contact among customers. Sometimes a customer might need help with a locked door or being walked to their car at night. In tense situations, a customer may be upset and speak quickly when reporting an incident. It is the responsibility of security to decipher what is being relayed and offer support so they feel safe and secure.

Provide a quick response time

The reaction of security is immediate; every second counts when it comes to incident response. It is paramount that the threat is discovered and remediated as quickly as possible. Security is crucial in gaining control of a situation while awaiting the arrival of the police or emergency medical services.

Handle security issues in an efficient manner

Security uses clear judgment to protect the asset and assess the situation for the best means of action. The difference between an incident being detected and remediated in two minutes versus two hours could be the difference between life and death. The threat environment changes quickly, so handling security issues in an efficient manner is of the utmost importance. Containing the situation is critical to avoiding panic and escalation of the threat. Having organization, procedure and proper staffing makes it easier to address and resolve the issue effectively, and return the business to its standard operations quickly.

Create a safe business environment

The mere presence of security helps maintain a safe business environment. It is a welcomed addition regardless if the industry is in retail, office, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals or events. Knowing security is near provides a sense of safety and assurance to employees and customers.

Have someone on site who can handle security matters

An emergency is often met with a team of responders that may include security personnel, law enforcement, fire department and medical personnel. An untrained person who is unfamiliar with protocols may find this combination intimidating and overwhelming. Security is not only familiar with communicating well with each department, but they are also trained to handle the complexities of clear reporting and emergency response.

Promote a sense of order

Security plays an important role in controlling violations, maintaining discipline in the workplace, and ensuring rules and regulations are being followed. They can take disciplinary action against violators and individuals misbehaving. In large crowds, they maintain order and prevent the risk of mob fights, riots, or drunk and disorderly conduct. Security can help organize and control situations such as large events crowds, employee terminations, or to promote a general sense of order and safety in corporate buildings. The public feels more secure with security’s presence and is responsive to their guidance.

Have someone onsite who is trained in CPR and AED

Security officers are first responders. In an emergency, there is not always time to wait for the police or EMTs. Having an officer on-site who is trained to operate an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) or perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), it could be the difference between life or death. An officer can also lend a hand during natural disasters and health crises. For example, they can usher people out safely during a fire or earthquake. Unfortunate events are a fact of life that can happen anywhere at any time, and an on-site security guard can provide immediate services to clients and customers.

Reduce your stress levels

Professional security officers handle unpleasant situations you would feel less comfortable in dealing with. Knowing that you or your business is protected provides peace of mind so you can rest easier. There is nothing more important than the safety of you and others. Security is the backbone of community safety. If you need security, there is no time to waste. We bring our best to every assignment. Taurus Protection Inc. is ready to serve you.

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