Pre-employment Screening


Our distinguished guards are selected based on the rigorous pre-employment screening process in coordination with our overseas recruitment agencies to ensure the best quality services and client satisfaction. The company framework and screening procedures are backed-up with an array of network locally and internationally enabling us to select the most suitable and trust-worthy security professionals. We have diverse security personnel from different regions like Nepal, Uganda, India, Kenya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, etc.



  • Laws
  • Investigation
  • Basic first aid
  • Security guards
  • Security patrols
  • Writing reports
  • Behavior and ethics
  • Risks and mitigation
  • Communication skills
  • Customer relationship
  • Emergency response procedures
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Quality of the training is key to excellence for any security services. Thus, we ensure that our employees conduct the necessary trainings that meet the local and international standards.
Training includes an interactive approach which covers a wide range of topics and skills to be learned, examples are: